Robust. Durable. User-programmable.

Now with large central opening. The new NC range

The NC combines robustness and durability with the advantages of a user-programmable rotary table that offers a high level of torque. This is made possible by the latest generation of servo motor drives with integrated absolute value encoder and a drive cam with constant pitch. For applications requiring extreme precision, we offer the additional encoder option, which is connected directly to the drive cam.

The further refined NC range has been given a significantly larger central opening. The cables and hoses can now be guided downwards directly through the table or through the practical side channel. We have achieved this while maintaining the same external dimensions as its predecessors – which have now been replaced by the new range.

Tool plate diameter: 800 mm
max. MTM: A-Typ: 30 kgm²
B-Typ: 10 kgm²
Positioning precision: A-Typ: ± 45"
B-Typ: ± 45"
Tool plate diameter: 1100 mm
max. MTM: A-Typ: 60 kgm²
B-Typ: 30 kgm²
Positioning precision: A-Typ: ± 40"
B-Typ: ± 40"
Tool plate diameter: 1400 mm
max. MTM: A-Typ: 100 kgm²
B-Typ: 50 kgm²
Positioning precision: A-Typ: ± 35"
B-Typ: ± 35"

The NC at a glance

  • Freely programmable
  • High level of torque
  • Absolute position encoder
  • High precision, rigid rotating plate bearing mounting
  • Various sizes
  • Powerful, standing centre part
  • Connection of different motor brands possible
  • Customer-specific servo motors
  • High degree of synchronism
  • High degree of repeat accuracy
  • W.A.S.