Additional indexing plates for rotary indexing tables

We guarantee the highest precision with regard to axial runout and parts accuracy of all our additional indexing plates. The rotary indexing table and additional indexing plate are measured as a unit and the accuracy is documented in a test certificate. The fastest, easiest and most secure method is if you send us your dimensioned drawing in DXF format by e-mail.

Standing plate

  • Standard with integrated sealing lip to cover the gap between standing and rotating plate in steel or aluminium
  • Supplied with matching screw-on drilling template (including central bore) for the table, T-grooves possible
  • Standard model in axial runout quality B (__see table) and 3 manufacturing guide holes, sealed with plugs

Rotary plates

  • Highest precision through processing of aged material in air conditioned rooms up to 2500 mm
  • Aluminium is generally used as a way of reducing weight
  • With matching screw-on drilling template (plate is centred on the rotary indexing table using 2 pins)

Base plate

  • Standard with 3 cable entries
  • If required, also available with recess for drive facing downward
  • For additional processing, please refer to the auxiliary thread and the base plate construction at the bottom
  • T-grooves possible