WEISS opens new subsidiary in Italy


WEISS is strengthening its direct market presence in Europe and has been represented by a subsidiary in Bologna since 1 July. The company believes that Italy harbours a great deal of potential for development.

Whereas Italy's poor economic figures are bemoaned in many quarters, WEISS is once again going against the grain: in the midst of the European financial crisis, the company opened its northern Italian branch on 1 July. "Italy's development has completely bucked the trend for us, and it delivered very good results in 2012. We haven't been affected by the crisis at all," comments Jens Knölke, Head of Sales and Marketing at WEISS, explaining the timing of the opening.

The new Italian subsidiary is the logical consequence of the outstanding results gained by the company in the past and the positive assessment of the future market situation. Internal analyses conducted by WEISS indicates the vast potential held by the country in the automation sector and see Italy as Europe's second-largest sales market after Germany.

In line with the overall distribution of economic performance within Italy, the market for automation components is clearly concentrated in the northern regions of the country. "For us, north of Bologna is where it's all happening. That's why we have chosen Bologna as the location of our subsidiary. From as early as September we will intensify our sales operations for the Milan region from there," continues Knölke. In addition to the traditional target industries of the automotive and packaging sectors, the company will also focus on the fields of foodstuffs and medical technology as well as general custom machine and equipment manufacturing.

The subsidiary will market the entire range of the comprehensive WEISS product portfolio in Italy: servomechanical, directly driven and purely mechanical rotary indexing tables, as well as directly driven pick & place units, axes and linear assembly systems.

With the opening of the Italian subsidiary, WEISS continues to drive forward its internationalisation mission. This is the next stage of a course pursued by the Buchen company with uncompromising commitment. WEISS now boasts a network of subsidiaries encompassing all the world's strategically important countries.

There is a clear strategy behind this expansion drive: adaptation to local conditions and the associated improvement of customer proximity, service options and consulting expertise. "In a country like Italy, face-to-face consulting on site is even more important than it is in Germany," explains Knölke. "The new subsidiary allows us to better understand the requirements of our Italian customers and meet them according to their needs – and thus establish ourselves as a solutions provider in another country."


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