Small heavy duty tables with high power density and outstanding precision


WEISS is expanding its range of user-programmable heavy duty rotary indexing tables with the new CR300E, CR400E and CR500E. The smallest members of the family not only impress with their compact external dimensions: with a special bearing design, they also achieve incredible axial and radial run-out accuracy in the μ range.

The new CR models are typical WEISS heavy duty tables with user-programmable drive, incredible power density, a large central opening and the highest level of precision. Special attention has been paid to the latter in the form of the new "E" bearing design. The very generously dimensioned, high precision pretensioned thrust bearing mounted toward the outer edge allows extremely high tilting moments to be continuously and securely handled. In combination with the pretensioned radial bearing, this leads to radial and axial run-out accuracy unrivalled for this table size.


It simply does not get any more precise than this

In the optional μ versions, the compact powerhouses even go a step further: the tables achieve reproducible axial and radial run-out accuracy in the μ range thanks to a modified bearing unit. And the direct angle measurement system boosts performance still further. Users therefore receive a solution that is capable of positioning with machine tool-like accuracy in user-definable angle steps.


Tailor-made drive solutions 

Customers can choose from two drive versions, depending on their requirements: a backlash-optimised, internal two-stage gear train or directly adaptable, highly dynamic standard commercial servo drive. No matter which system customers choose, all versions offer a torsion-resistant drive for fast and secure positioning. If customer-specific adjustments are made, standard commercial servomotors can be used, and additional third-party gear units between motor and table are also a possibility.


New application possibilities 

The new CR tables are extremely flexible with regard to their integration in various application environments. The mounting points provided allow various installation options, thereby facilitating both vertical and horizontal rotary axis applications. With the installation option for a horizontal rotation axis, the motor is simply swung backwards (see image). The individual concept, which permits a wide range of adjustments, makes the table the ideal partner for the process axis in innovative machine systems. 


Fast start-up

As in all user-programmable products from WEISS, the new models also allow motion sequences to be set up quickly and easily. This is all made possible by the WEISS Application Software. Predefined control parameters allow very fast commissioning of the equipment by the customer.

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