New from the pioneer


WEISS, pioneer of direct-drive Pick&Place modules, presents a new variant of its successful HP140T: a compact, extra-long 400mm version with an absolute measuring system as an optional extra.

Despite its diminutive outer dimensions, the device has a vertical stroke of up to 100mm and a horizontal stroke of up to 400mm. What's more, at the same time the HP also takes care of pressing processes up to 150N – for example, for snapping components into place.

The HP140T integrates two direct-drive, user-programmable axes in a single, extremely compact module. Its compact size is possible thanks to the use of only a small number of components: intermediate plates are dispensed with entirely, as the motor coils are directly moulded in the housing.

The WEISS component is used worldwide wherever dynamic positioning tasks are to be carried out in a small working area while maintaining a high output. With a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.01mm and a payload of 3kg, the unit can reach up to 120 cycles per minute in practice in a variety of applications, such as the assembly of electronic components for the household and automotive industries, clock and watch manufacturing, toy manufacturing or in medical technology.

And because each application poses different challenges, the HP140T is available in a variety of forms: with a vertical stroke of 65 or 100mm and a horizontal stroke of 160, 270, 300 and a new version with 400mm. Strengthened bearings and a greater distance to the linear ball bearing unit have been introduced for the extra-long rail, features that WEISS has also implemented in the entire HP product range with immediate effect. As such, the customer benefits from another significant improvement in running performance.

Another new feature is the absolute measuring system, which is available as an option. Compared to the incremental measuring system fitted as standard, this offers increased crash safety and allows the installation to be brought into operation more quickly after a restart.

When analysing costs and benefits, the HP140T is in a class of its own. In operation, the unit impresses with its energy efficiency, while thanks to the integrated automatic lubrication system it offers virtual freedom from maintenance. And anyone familiar with the complex commissioning and parameter setting procedure of standard commercial handling systems will be truly amazed by the HP140T. Positions are taught and travel sequences set up within just a few minutes. To put it plainly, this means less installation work and a faster time to production. This is all made possible by WAS (WEISS Application Software) - a uniform, end-to-end software platform for fast and easy commissioning of all freely programmable WEISS components.

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