Gigantic rotary table with direct drive


Fast, versatile, reusable: Torque. With the torque range (TO), WEISS has begun a new chapter in the history of the rotary table. The introduction of a high-tech drive that operates predominantly without mechanics or gearboxes is the logical response to changing market requirements and customer wishes.

However, until now these direct-drive tables were limited to a diameter of 750 mm. But this has all changed with introduction of the TO1300, which suddenly makes applications possible that previously seemed out of reach.


The largest torque rotary table to date, the TO 1300, combines the advantages of direct drive with high torque – thereby allowing new application scenarios to be realised.

Increased productivity

As is often the case at WEISS, the development of the new torque table TO 1300 resulted from concrete customer requirements. These stipulated a high mass inertia of 160 kgm2 and a large increment of 45° with fast cycles, namely a switching time of 0.21 seconds with a standstill time of 0.29 seconds. A mechanical heavy duty table is typically the right choice for tasks of this nature. However, due to their gearing ratio, these tables do not fare well in service life calculations for use at such high speeds. The needle bearings simply suffer from too much wear. The alternative is direct drive, which also heralded the birth of the TO1300. With direct drive, only one bearing is under load and this is virtually free of backlash. The table is low-wear and easily capable of delivering the desired dynamic performance. In addition to this, its ability to cover a significantly more versatile range of tasks – including repeat use – allows customers to tap new added value potential.

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