The HP: now available with 100mm stroke


The HP140T integrates a horizontal and a vertical axis in a linear module and can move directly to all points along these two axes. The fact that it can be freely programmed and its compact, robust design open up new opportunities for users. Two particularly impressive features of the HP140T are its fast acceleration of up to 40m/sec2 and its positioning accuracy of 0.02mm.

The HP140T overcomes the limitations of traditional pneumatic systems. Where customers previously had to purchase, set up and commission two separate axes, with the HP140T they now have access to an integrated, preconfigured, turnkey system. Compact and robust. Including control system and automated lubrication concept.
Users can choose between two product versions: the HP140T with 65mm vertical stroke or the new HP with 100mm vertical stroke. The latter can also be used to pick up and transport larger parts.

Anyone familiar with the complex commissioning and parameter setting procedure of standard commercial handling systems will be truly amazed by the HP140T. Positions are taught and travel sequences set up within just a few minutes. To put it plainly, this means less installation work and a faster time to production. This is made possible by WAS (WEISS Application Software) - a uniform, end-to-end software platform for fast and easy commissioning of all freely programmable WEISS components.

Its fast integration into your systems is simplified even further by a high degree of interface compatibility, including Profi-Bus, CANopen, DeviceNet, RS-232 or Ethernet.