HL highly dynamic linear motor axis

The linear motor axis HL provides, without any doubt, the most modern drive ­technology which is highly integrated and ready to mount. Tight and precise ­recirculating ball bearings and an absolute measurement system as well as the ­automatic lubrication are all included in this product.


The result: Rapid and harmonic movements, horizontal or vertical mounting and ­loading on the rigth or left side is possible.


Cont. force: 65 N
Peak force: 180 N
Max. speed: 4 m/s
Max. acceleration: 40 m/s²
Cont. force: 150 N
Peak force: 380 N
Max. speed: 4 m/s
Max. acceleration: 40 m/s²

The HL at a glance

  • User programmable
  • Extreme dynamics
  • Monitored movements
  • Long lifetime
  • No maineance cost
  • Compact architecture
  • Stiff mechanical assembling
  • No oil / No gear
  • Various sizes and shapes available
  • Absolute encoder (up to 500 mm)
  • Light weight
  • High power density
  • No wearing parts