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Putting the brakes
on floor space requirements

This is good news, in particular for the automotive sector and its constant search for new
potential savings. WEISS has succeeded in combining high output with drastically reduced
floor space requirements. 

Faster production and shorter stop times. The CR1300D with patented twin drive.

The use of floor space at production sites derived from the DIN safety guidelines has now become a cost driver. The challenge today is therefore to develop highly productive machines which also allow the safety clearance distance around the manufacturing cell to be reduced based on shorter emergency stop times.
With its heavy duty rotary indexing tables, WEISS is showing the way. These tables not only brake quickly, they can also increase productivity just as fast, and therefore allow the safety clearance distances to be reduced in the man-machine cosmos of production halls. Ergo: The overall amount of floor space required drops sharply. The CR 1300D is perhaps the most impressive demonstration of this. The key new feature here is the move from a single drive to a twin drive. The table has two mirror-inverted transport cams, which are driven by two motors using just a single servo amplifier. The major advantages here lie in the double torque, the increased productivity, and the significantly shorter emergency stop times, which in turn allow the floor space required for the entire system to be minimized.