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Out with pneumatics, in with the direct drive

Automotive suppliers don't dilly-dally. To reduce the cycle times of a test bench fitted with
a pneumatic rotary indexing table, the custom machine engineering department at Gießler
is already using a direct-drive rotary indexing table from WEISS.

The heart of the system exposed: The direct-drive TO220 replaces the old pneumatic rotary indexing table.

It's time to shorten times. In the workshop of Christian Nemeth, head of custom machine building at Gießler in Elzach, is a test bench for performing the final inspection of precision turned parts. The pneumatic rotary indexing table, the heart of the system, has reached its limits and is no longer able to produce shorter cycles. A direct-drive, user-programmable Torque rotary indexing table from WEISS now sits on the workbench. Although the leap from a pneumatic system to a direct drive may seem a little excessive, Nemeth is a man with no time for experimenting.

At Gießler, 50 CNC automatic lathes operate in production around the clock, producing high precision turned parts for the automotive industry. The production from 25 CNC automatic lathes runs through a single test bench. A rotary indexing table feeds the components to the test stations, where cameras, lasers and spreading fingers check the dimensions in 2.6-second cycles. "The short cycle times push the table to its mechanical limits," explains Mr. Nemeth, "after one month, the shock absorbers and parts of the mechanics need to be replaced."

Electric is faster
Mr. Nemeth was quick to realize that with an electrical solution he would save on expensive compressed air processing and also benefit from the minimal wear of the WEISS rotary indexing tables, which makes them virtually maintenance-free. Faster, cheaper and no more maintenance stops – all clear arguments in favor of WEISS products.
As such, the user-programmable TO Torque rotary indexing table TO220C now stands proudly on Christian Nemeth's workbench. With a switching time of just 0.3 seconds, it was possible to reduce the cycle time of the test bench from 2.6 seconds to 1.9 seconds – saving time and thereby also costs, as the slightly more expensive direct-drive rotary indexing table paid for itself after just three months.
Direct installation
Without wasting time on experiments, the custom machine builder completed the replacement of the rotary indexing tables within the scope of regular servicing. Just four hours were enough to complete all the conversion work. Thankfully, the rotary indexing table is freely accessible. Everyone is nervous, although one man remains calm: Christian Nemeth's colleague and joint developer of the revised test bench, Markus Bayer. The master electrician is responsible for programming the custom machines and knows the value of the WEISS Application Software: "It doesn't take long to enter the most important parameters, the program is clear and yet very in-depth." He knows that he can complete the programming in just 15 minutes thanks to the simple yet powerful WAS user interface. It only took a few minutes to connect the inverter to the control system via the Profibus, too. All of which means that the test machine can be back up and running on schedule to check component quality.