NC rotary indexing tables

The NC combines robustness and durability with the advantages of a freely programmable rotary table offering a high level of torque.

The NC differentiates itself from the TC range through its use of a brushless AC servo motor drive. In addition, the drive curve has a constant rise. The NC-T is capable of positioning large loads dynamically and precisely at freely selectable angles.

Tool plate diameter: 800 mm
max. MTM: A-Typ: 30 kgm²
B-Typ: 10 kgm²
Positioning precision: A-Typ: ± 45"
B-Typ: ± 45"
Tool plate diameter: 1100 mm
max. MTM: A-Typ: 60 kgm²
B-Typ: 30 kgm²
Positioning precision: A-Typ: ± 40"
B-Typ: ± 40"
Tool plate diameter: 1400 mm
max. MTM: A-Typ: 100 kgm²
B-Typ: 50 kgm²
Positioning precision: A-Typ: ± 35"
B-Typ: ± 35"

The NC at a glance

  • Freely programmable
  • High level of torque
  • Absolute position encoder
  • High precision, rigid rotating plate bearing mounting
  • Various sizes
  • Powerful, standing centre part
  • Connection of different motor brands possible
  • Customer-specific servo motors
  • High degree of synchronism
  • High degree of repeat accuracy
  • W.A.S.